Job Analysis

The Job Analysis screen gives any user the ability to see an exact position of a job at any point in time with specific reference as to the progress of the job against the timeline determined for the job. The displayed details include all started and completed activities identifying the dates, successors and/or predecessors, the type of activity and the workflow it related to.

Extra tabs provide all visual representation of the job through Gantt chart, Critical path graph and Milestone chart.

Selecting the Stoppages tab, all recorded stoppage descriptions are displayed with information such as the dates and duration of the stoppage and the user responsible for recording the stoppage is identified. This applies also with the Workflow status tab where the stages of the job can be graphically displayed showing the percentage of completion of a workflow against the job with details including dates and duration and the number of activities associated with that workflow.

This feature offers management the ability to allocate or re-allocate resources to keep jobs on track making sure contractual obligations aren’t missed.