Automating The Workflows Of Construction Projects

Companion Systems understand the pressures on the business aspects of your projects

Residential construction has under pinned the Australian economy for years now and we have seen many changes in our residential landscapes, especially with the increase in high density apartments being built.

The construction growth experienced in townhouse, semi-detached and detached homes recently has exceeded all other areas and is forecast to continue to lead in this industry. This can be both great and daunting news for builders in this market as it identifies opportunity but also alerts us to business threats.

With growth, there is always pressure on business aspects such as trade labour availability, managing paperwork, WHS compliance, office to field staff communications and the list goes on.

Companions Systems initiated development of the OnSite Companion solution specifically for the benefit of house builders with heavy emphasis of automating the workflows of the construction aspect of a project. Over the years, it has developed into a sophisticated yet still easy to use solution assisting builders in the building of custom, speculative, project and multi-residential houses in a more efficient and profitable way using less Supervisor and Administration resources for the jobs.

The OnSite Companion solution encompasses all aspects of a project’s workflow and document management. With workflow templates that you design specifically around the type of build for a project and are fully customisable without the use of external consultants, nothing falls through the cracks on a job managed by OnSite Companion. The completion of activities within the workflow, or automated call forward system, provides instant visibility of a jobs progress against critical path or baseline.

The system helps builders spend less time scheduling trades, managing work releases to trades and suppliers and ensuring WHS compliance is in order.

The document management aspects of the solution saves time and improves efficiency simply because all of the job’s plans, contracts, communications – even emails – reside in a single location. If a document is amended, it is re-versioned and everyone then works off the latest version automatically. Documents are all available on the job site even if there is no internet coverage.

Sales is managed by the Contact Relationship Management (CRM) capability which tracks enquiries and if they are related to jobs, entities, individuals or service providers. As those enquiries progress through different stages, the system automates follow up activities and keeps a fully history which is searchable at any stage.

We are very proud to have a solution that is an integral part of many of the largest, medium sized and upcoming house builders’ businesses throughout Australia. To see if It could work for your business, why don’t you follow the link below to see details of the features the solution offers and ….


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