Managing The Many Stages Of Pre-Fabricated Structural Steel Construction

Companion Systems understand the complexity of building with steel

Pre-fabricated structural steel has one of the widest variety of uses from small sail awnings, through house construction, industrial buildings and all the way to enormous tower construction. It is able to be decorative and structural and its tolerance for error in production is very difficult and expensive to rectify.

Pre-fabricated structural steel also involves many stages being design, production and installation with installation onsite often involving many specialised pieces of machinery and always labour. Due to its capability of where it can be used, it is often in the high risk category requiring detailed supervision and checking processes.

OnSite Companion, with its workflow templates and integrated audit / accountability trail is an ideal production solution for businesses focusing on production and installation of pre-fabricated structural steel.

Document management is a key aspect as with pre-fabricated structural steel there is in most cases architectural drawings but also, critical for the building, separate internal design drawings or installation procedures and specifications. The Supervisor onsite needs to know he has everything accessible to manage the success of the project. WHS documentation for high risk installations is also a key element to ensure compliance and risk assessments are undertaken in accordance with statutory authority’s requirements.

The coordination of specialist equipment to be onsite when needed or varied due to project stoppages is a time consuming process for administration staff which is another aspect OnSite Companion delivers real productivity gains. Service Providers capabilities as well as compliance can all be managed directly through OnSite Companion, ensuring everyone is on the one page with the latest contact and communications information.

To eliminate the usage of slow and costly process checklists on paper and a clipboard and carrying around cumbersome rolled up plans, why don’t you follow the link below to see details of the features the solution offers and ….


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