The importance of the office fitout should never be underestimated.

Companion Systems understand that office fitouts have many masters

Having to work within an existing structure and transform a shell into a business’s engine room, takes a lot of planning and coordination. Managing communications with owners, architects, builders, manufacturers, suppliers and trades not only takes time, but takes real effort to make everything land in the one place on time. Then there are the variations that inevitably happen as the project all comes together with people changing their minds when they see the works in the flesh.

OnSite Companion will support all of these aspects and scale from small to large jobs effortlessly. The issuing of work releases to suppliers and trades can be managed with the appropriate lead times necessary to coordinate the results in as shortest window of time possible. All communications with the trades and suppliers are visible by everyone in the business eliminating mixed messages.

When variations do occur, these can be documented, recorded and signed off immediately where appropriate or if unavailable information is required such as estimates or supply information, any tasks to be done to gain that information can be issued from the system on the spot.

The Contact Control (CRM) feature manages relationships of individuals or entities across single or multiple projects. If you are working with a particular architect across multiple projects with multiple builders, all of these relationships are visible and can be referenced at any time.

From the projects activity screen, a Supervisor can arrive onsite and know exactly what is happening now and what is scheduled to happen next and whether the job is behind, on or in front of its timeline. If there is a delay, activities can be immediately rescheduled with alerts being forwarded to trades and suppliers of the revised dates.

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