General Construction requires a flexible workflow system

Companion Systems understand the importance of managing milestones effectively

General construction is a very broad term and encompasses all aspects of this industry from civil works such as roads and bridges, to high-rise apartments and office towers. Whilst whatever is being constructed will be unique in its design and circumstances, the fundamentals of the process of building the project will share common aspects.

The workflow process, scheduling & allocating resources, managing documents & communications, inspections & QA processes and of course, Workplace Health and Safety are all common requirements to be undertaken on all construction projects.

With OnSite Companions’ flexible workflow templating system, repetitive components of the project can be easily scheduled, completed & checked off and then duplicated as the next requirement occurs. This is achieved quickly and easily as the project is planned or during the projects construction.

The workflows can be altered as more efficient build methodologies are developed on the project site. When a change is made to the process, the update is immediately and seamlessly deployed across the users or an alert can be despatched detailing the change and any other messaging the business desires to deliver with the change.

As each milestone in the workflow is achieved, the timeline reporting is updated and a projected forecasted, booked or actual completion dates are visible. If stoppages or delays on a project occurs, resources can be redeployed to other activities to maintain continuity or can be completely rescheduled with the impact of the change able to be calculated on the spot.

Workplace Health and Safety aspects of the project and all of the service providers, trades, suppliers, employees and contractors is all managed within the system. Document management of WHS forms, induction registers and other data tables is available to be reviewed by any user with access to the project. Through the use of custom fields that can associated with an individual, entity, service providers or job contact, information such as licenses, certifications, qualifications, etc. compliance of a projects workforce is easily searched or reported. These custom fields can be created or modified by a system administrator without the need to engage Companion Systems support services, so change is completely under the projects control.

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