About Companion Systems

Companion Systems was founded in 2002 with a vision to develop solutions to automate industries where paper based or inflexible systems are restricting efficiencies. From humble beginnings building the software from scratch to now, the head office remains in Parramatta with presence also in Perth, Western Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.

After only a few years from starting, some emerging leaders in the residential construction industry gave careful consideration to the solution and chose it over its competitors. All of those builders still use the software as their project workflow platform and a number now, are some of the largest home builders in Australia.

Today, Companion Systems’ flagship solution, OnSite Companion, is the chosen solution for many builders across Australia and New Zealand. The solution has been tailored for specialist industry categories including Pool Building, Structural Steel Fabricators, Office Fitout specialists and more due to its ability to accommodate complex workflows but remain easy to use.

The development of OnSite Companion has followed a proven success path in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Built on direct user feedback, our users tell us the features they want integrated into the solution at our annual User Group meeting, which is held in a different location over two days each year. The feedback given is prioritised and development is commenced to build the features desired. All of our development and support services are performed in house with no functions outsourced to ensure absolute quality & control levels and integrity of the solution is maintained through its evolution.

Our foundation statement supporting everything we do at Companion Systems is LET US HELP YOU GROW. It is a statement we remain focused on at all times as every feature in our solutions is there to deliver:

  • more personal productivity for a user;
  • more efficiency for a team;
  • more control for a business; and
  • more results from fewer resources.

We look forward to learning about your business challenges and exploring if OnSite Companion can conquer some of them. Contact us and Let Us Help You Grow now.

Matthew Camenzuli

Managing Director

Matthew spent his childhood days on building sites with his father, a successful Construction Manager for one of the leading home builders of the day. So it was only fitting that after providing other software developers solutions to the financial markets and other sectors, he chose to start his own software development business focusing on automating the residential construction industry.

Focused on all aspects of the business but still hands-on involved in sales, product road-mapping and user feedback at our annual User Group meetings. Matthew is now looking to new solutions development for the wider construction industry which he looks forward to announcing soon.

Terry Nay

Head of Product Development & Infrastructure

Terry manages our in-house team of developers with product evolution and client custom feature development. With a keen eye on detail and integrity of programme coding, all the team work with Terry to deliver robust and stable product features that still offer ease of use and intuitiveness.

New product development and OnSite Companion gateway development are areas where Terry focuses on strongly making sure the fundamentals of performance and data security are never compromised. Comprehensive documentation and coding details are always maintained by Terry and his team to ensuring risk is mitigated for the business and our customers.

James Camenzuli

Head of Client Support and Services

Companion Systems believes there is no better service we can offer our customers than to give them a local phone number to call and have their issues resolved quickly and efficiently. James makes sure no user goes through the hassles of “Press 1 for ...”, you just get your call answered by a support person that can help you right there and then.

The new customer system implementation team also is managed by James and work hand in hand with the support team so we can tailor training services to best deliver for our customer’s needs.

Rod Killick

General Manager

Josh Quinn

Solutions Consultant Australia East

Josh is passionate about making sure our solutions are the right fit for our customers and that the results we say we can achieve, are enjoyed in reality by new customers. In the markets our software services, customers have in the past been misled by many false promises from our competitors.

At Companion Systems, we will recommend you buy an alternative system rather than have a bad experience with ours.

Aaron Mizzi

Solutions Consultant Australia West

Having a local presence for sales and implementation services in the west of Australia was always recognised as an important strategy for Companion Systems. Aaron ensures we are always responsive to our prospective and existing customer requirements.

Covering the technical aspects of our products locally, we are proud we can deliver the support services when they are needed by our customers.